git: change in branching model

Hi all,

for everybody that is working on development or wants to contribute:

We did some last adjustments to our git branching model. This helps in
keeping feature changes and bugfixes separate.
This is important for us to be able to roll out a new bugfix release, if
necessary, at any point in time without adding/changing features.

The short story:
- when working on bugfixes:
   work on a new branch starting at obspy:releases,
   open pull requests to merge into obspy:releases
- when working on new features:
   work on a new branch starting at obspy:master,
   open pull requests to merge into obspy:master

The long story is available in the wiki, along with a graphical sketch:


Hi Tobias,

thanks for this clarification, I had some doubts exactly on this and will try to take this as an occasion to contribute.

Only one more clarifications: As far as I know 0.8.x still uses the old stile (not using f2py). So, the move towards f2py is considered a feature or a bugfix? Just to know if any changes to are still relevant.


Hi Petr,

in principle the change to f2py should not affect the user, so thinking
along those lines it could also be considered something like a bugfix.
However, we are just starting to keep a clearer separation here and the
f2py change was merged into master some months back. So the f2py switch
is going to be part of 0.9.0. If you plan on proposing changes to you should check how they work with the in master too,
because with the next major release the will have to be merged
and the version in master will be the basis for 0.9.0.

If you're in doubt, it can't hurt to open an issue first to have a place
to discuss things for a start.