Dear all,

I've read on the Trac that you plan (hope) to support Guralp's GCF ... How ready is this plugin ? Can I get a copy of the current source ? Can I help ?



Hi Thom,

it seems you did not get Robert's reply last time. You can read it here:

Personally, I have no idea who was working on this (or rather planning
to?) and whether there actually is any significant amount of code
around, which I rather doubt. I will ask around and see what this Trac
entry is all about..
If there is anything worth mentioning I will see that it gets in the svn
repository as soon as possible. Of course you are very welcome to help
working on it. If you have any questions in that direction (developer
access to svn, coding guidelines, etc.) I would suggest
subscribing/posting to the developer mailing list.