full seed read

So I know full seed volume reading wasnt working way back when, but is
this possible now?


doesnt work, it either truncates the stream or crashes. Looking at the
source it doesnt look like a full seed implementation is there...


seems to be able to read in full seed, but I cant figure out how to
change it to a steam object for later work, without writing a file
inbetween (e.g. splitting to an mseed and a resp).

I usually use subprocess calls to rdseed to get things into a format
for obspy later processing, but I'd like to go directly from a full
seed volume to a stream with attached resp so I can generate PPSDs for
initial QC.


python3.5.2 obspy1.0.1

obspy.read() should be able to read the data part of a full SEED file.
If it truncates or crashes it is a bug or a faulty file. In the later
case: can you please open a new issue on github with more details or
send us the file in question?

obspy.io.xseed.parser.Parser() can read the dataless portion of the file.