EGU 2013

Dear ObsPy Users,

don't miss the chance to meet one of the ObsPy developers (in this
case me) at the EGU meeting next week in Vienna. On Friday morning
I will be present with a poster:

Integrated Research Infrastructures and Services to users: supporting
  excellence in a science for society
Attendance Fri, 12 Apr, 08:30–10:00 / Blue Posters

Take the opportunity to discuss recent developments, future plans and
ways to contribute to the project.

Best wishes,


cool ich bin da :slight_smile:


Hello Lion,

I would be very interested in seeing your poster!
Unfortunately I won’t be at EGU.

Will make it available online?

If so, is a great place to put it


Leonardo Uieda

Hello Leonardo,

we started a new repository that aims to collect all ObsPy presentations, posters, and what not. Some are already online: