Editing the Velocity Model

Hello Users,

I am having trouble changing the velocity model in the Station0.hyp file. I have attached the original Station0.hyp file with the initial velocity model, but I want to use the following velocity model and compare the differences in lat/long locations and the depths.


6.50 -4.00

6.54 18.00

6.90 24.00

7.05 30.00

7.17 40.00

7.67 50.00 N

7.83 70.00

8.42 100.00

If someone has done this before,

(1) What is the best way to change the velocity model, if simply deleting the old model, and copying/pasting the new model into the Station0.hyp file does not work?

(2) Also, what is the easiest way to extract JUST the first line of the event information with the station data picks? It will be easier when I export the first line rather than having to go in and delete all of the extra information that is not needed.

Thank you,