can we get PZ values from a RESP file in obspy

Hi Patty,

indeed currently PPSD does not support providing instrument response in
form of a local RESP file. While in principle it would be fairly easy to
add this in obspy, I think it's an edge case and I am not sure whether
to add this or not (and you would have to switch using a developer
snapshot to have it right away anyway).
Would it help you if I implement it, i.e. is switching to a development
snapshot of obspy an option for you?

Otherwise, what you could do right away is to define your own class
MyPPSD inheriting from the obspy PPSD class and then just redefine the
__process() method, copy/pasting the original obspy code and simply
replacing the call to tr.simulate() with an equivalent call using the
"seedresp={}" option as shown here:

hope it helps, let me know if you need more help.