arrival picking


I need to pick arrivals on some seismograms, and would like to consider obspy for this. Is obspyck still the way to go? I notice almost al the code for it in github is 2 years old. I notice there is also Treampick, which appears to be newer. Does anyone have any recommendations?

I am tending toward Streampick, since it is advertised as lightweigth and at this point i only want to do picking).


- Phil

Hi Phil,

actually I've been changing obspyck to rely on proper QuakeML recently,
it's just not merged into the master branch yet.
As obspyck is pretty much adapted to our own needs (i.e. interacting
with a SeisHub database) -- and it was initially only intended as an
interim solution -- I never made much effort to promote it.

However, I think it could still fit your needs pretty well. I'd
recommend to just give it a try, it's not complicated to do so:

Here's an example:

- get obspyck (correct branch for quakeml support):
- get this waveform file:
- run: python -d 30 -f
example_local_earthquake_3stations.mseed --filter -t 2010-05-27T16:43:49.5

Basic usage:
- mouse wheel: zoom time
- shift + mouse wheel: zoom amplitude
- left mouse: set pick
- right mouse: set pick error
- x/y: switch stream
- ctrl: switch phase type for picking
- i/e: set onset (emergent/impulsive)
- u/d/+/-: set polarity (positive/negative)

The button "save Event locally" spits out a quakeml file then.

If you have nonlinloc binary, models and control file or the same for
hyp2000 its simple to also do a location run.

There's some things that might need to get adapted for other users, most
of it would be very simple to do (like adding support to fetch data from
FDSN webservers). I can't promise but if small things are missing I can
probably add them soonish.

hope it helps,


Many thanks, I will check it out!

  • Phil